What Are Russian Lips? The Russian Lip Filler Technique

By: Stephanie Davis

What Are Russian Lips? The Russian Lip Filler Technique

Russian lips! You've heard the term, but what exactly are they?

Today, we discuss the use of dermal filler on the lips and how the Russian doll look can often look more natural than regular lip fillers.

What are Russian Lips?

Russian lips is a term used to describe a specific technique of lip augmentation (lip fillers), popularly known for creating a distinctive heart-shaped lip.

This technique focuses on enhancing the heart shape of the lips, particularly emphasizing the cupid's bow, and lifting the lip edges.

Russian Lips Before & After
Photo by Contour Clinics, Five Dock, NSW.

Russian lips vs normal filler - How do they compare?

Russian lips and traditional lip fillers differ primarily in their aesthetic goals and injection techniques.

Traditional lip fillers generally aim to increase overall volume and fullness, often resulting in a uniform enlargement that emphasizes horizontal projection.

Lip Filler Before & After
Photo by Contour Clinics, Five Dock, NSW.

This approach can lead to the well-known 'duck lip' appearance if overdone.

In contrast, the Russian lip technique focuses on enhancing the lips' vertical height and defining the cupid's bow, creating a more heart-shaped, lifted appearance.

This method involves a series of precise, micro-injections at various angles (injecting lip filler vertically), targeting the center of the lips more than the edges.

The result is a subtler enhancement, often perceived as more natural, with less emphasis on sheer volume and more on the shape and contour of the lips.

While both methods use similar materials (hyaluronic acid fillers), the Russian technique is distinct in its artistic approach, aiming for a specific lip shape that differs from the volume-centric goals of traditional lip filler.

How can I choose the right lip technique?

Choosing between Russian lip filler and normal lip fillers primarily depends on your aesthetic preferences and the natural shape of your lips.

If you're aiming for a subtle, heart-shaped enhancement that accentuates the cupid's bow and offers a natural lift, the Russian lip technique is ideal.

This method focuses on enhancing vertical height rather than just adding volume, resulting in a more understated look.

On the other hand, traditional lip fillers usually stat from the lip border and are best for those seeking noticeable overall volume and fuller lips, often leading to a more dramatic transformation.

How long do Russian lip fillers last?

The longevity of Russian lip fillers, like traditional lip fillers, varies depending on several factors. Generally, they can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months, but this duration can be influenced by:

  • Type of Filler Used: Different brands and types of hyaluronic acid fillers have varying degrees of cross-linking, which affects their durability. Some formulas are designed to last longer than others.
  • Individual Metabolism: How quickly your body metabolizes the filler plays a significant role. People with a faster metabolism may find that their fillers don't last as long.
  • Lifestyle Factors: Habits like smoking, high levels of physical activity, and sun exposure can accelerate the breakdown of fillers.
  • Amount of Filler Injected: The volume of filler used can also impact its longevity. Smaller amounts may be metabolized more quickly.
  • Technique Used: The specific technique and how the filler is placed can influence how long the results last. The Russian lip technique might have different longevity compared to traditional methods, depending on the individual case.
  • Maintenance Treatments: Periodic touch-ups can extend the overall longevity of the desired appearance.

It's important to have a consultation with a skilled practitioner who can provide more accurate predictions based on your individual circumstances and the specific products they use. They can also advise on the best practices to maintain the results for as long as possible.

Do Russian lips look more natural?

Russian lip fillers are often considered to provide a more natural look compared to traditional lip fillers.

This technique of the Russian lip look emphasizes enhancing the shape and contour of the lips rather than just adding volume.

By focusing on creating a heart-shaped appearance and lifting the lip edges, it achieves a subtle fullness and a defined cupid's bow, which aligns closely with many natural lip shapes.

The method involves precise, micro-injections that avoid the overly plump, horizontal projection often associated with traditional fillers.

However, the final outcome still largely depends on the skill of the practitioner, the individual's natural lip anatomy, and the amount of filler used.

While Russian lips are generally aimed at a more understated enhancement, personal preferences and expectations play a significant role in whether the results are perceived as natural.

What are the side effects of Russian lip fillers?

Lip filler procedures, including the Russian lip technique, can have several common side effects.

These are usually temporary and often resolve within a few days to a week. However, it's important to be aware of them:

  • Swelling: This is the most common side effect. Lips can swell significantly immediately after the procedure, but this usually subsides within a few days.
  • Bruising: Small bruises at the injection sites or around the lips are common, especially given the sensitive nature of lip tissue.
  • Tenderness and Pain: The lips may feel tender or sore for a few days post-procedure. This is generally mild and manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Redness and Warmth: The treated area may appear red and feel warm immediately after the procedure.
  • Lumps and Bumps: Some people may feel small lumps or irregularities in the lips after the filler is injected. These often smooth out over time, but in some cases, they may need to be corrected by a professional.
  • Asymmetry: In some cases, the lips may appear uneven or asymmetrical, often due to uneven swelling or the way the filler settles.
  • Infection: Though rare, there's a risk of infection at the injection sites.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the filler material, though this is rare with hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Vascular Occlusion: A rare but serious complication where the filler blocks a blood vessel. This requires immediate medical attention.

How quickly will I see results?

The results of lip fillers, including the Russian lip technique, are typically visible immediately after the procedure.

However, it's important to note that the initial appearance will be affected by swelling, which is a common and normal response to the injections.

Do Russian lip fillers take longer to heal?

The healing time for Russian lips is generally comparable to that of traditional lip fillers, though there can be slight differences based on the technique used and individual responses.

The Russian lip technique involves precise, micro-injections at various angles, which might initially lead to slightly more pronounced swelling or bruising due to the specific targeting of the filler.

Russian lips prices & locations

The Russian lips technique is done by a number of skin clinics around Australia and will vary in price depending on location and the amount of filler used.

Typically, 0.5ml to 1ml of filler is used which will set you back $290-$800.

For a full list of lip filler prices, you can see our Australian lip filler pricing comparing page.


The Russian lip filler technique is a great alternative to traditional lip filler. It can provide a more natural looking set of lips and a lip border that looks beautiful.

If your upper lip is your problem area, Russian lip augmentation (Russian lips) could be the perfect choice for you.

Dermal fillers provide an instant result which is a huge benefit, and if things go wrong, you can get the lip filler dissolved, this makes the procedure extremely low risk.

For more information on a lip filler location near you, visit our Lip Filler Locations page.

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