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SCC InjectablesMaroochydore4558

Top Sunshine Coast Clinics for Profhilo, Highlighted by Injexi

Interested in revitalizing your skin with Profhilo? The Sunshine Coast has some of the best clinics offering this advanced treatment to improve skin hydration and elasticity. We’ve curated a list of top clinics for you.

We’ve made it easy to find the right clinic by providing a detailed list of Sunshine Coast clinics that offer Profhilo treatments, along with pricing information to guide your decision.

Profhilo treatments are generally priced per session, with costs ranging from $500 to $800 per session. Prices can vary depending on the clinic and the specific needs of your skin.

The recommended treatment protocol usually involves two sessions a month apart, followed by maintenance treatments every six months to keep your skin looking fresh and firm.

Prices may also vary based on the area treated and the amount of product used. A consultation with the clinic will give you a personalized treatment plan and a more accurate cost estimate.

Some clinics may charge an initial consultation fee, while others include it in the treatment package. Be sure to consider this when budgeting for your Profhilo treatments.

Our curated list includes clinics from various parts of the Sunshine Coast, such as Maroochydore, Caloundra, and Noosa. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out, and we’ll help you find the perfect clinic for your needs.